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That's 52% OFF - Normally $616
You'll get: 
Your Competition Drills Book (Normally $19), 
Competitive Shooting Crash Course (Normally $149)
Your USPSA Competition Handgun Training Program (Normally $199) 
AND Action Shooter - IDPA Mastery Program (Normally $249)
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Competition Drills Book (Normally $19)
  • Competitive Shooting Crash Course (Normally $149 - Includes 2.5 Hours Of Exclusive Training)
  • Your 16-Week USPSA Competition Handgun Training Program (Normally $199 - Includes Program Book, Training Logbook & Drill Videos)
  • Your 18-Session IDPA Mastery Firearms + Fitness Training Program (Normally $249 - Includes 18 Training Sessions Complete With Firearm & Fitness Sections)
  • Normally ALL THIS goes for $616
  • You will NEVER find this thorough of competition firearms training at this price again!
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