The 2018 IDPA National Champion & 2019 IDPA World Champion Shares His Secrets To Success In This 6-Week, 25-Session Shooting & Fitness IDPA Competition Training Program
What You'll Get:
  • Downloadable Access To All 61 Technique, Firearm Drills & Fitness Training Videos Broken Down Into 25 Sessions
  • Introduction To Competitive Shooting PDF
  • Competition Handgun 300+ Page Manual PDF
  • PDF of EVERY Fitness Workout
  • Training Log To Keep Track Of Your Progress
  • PDF of Sample Training Schedules Based On How Much Time You Have Daily To Train
  • ZOOM Video Group Coaching Sessions
PT Session One: Strength Endurance
Drill Resource
FT Session One: Maximizing the Two Handed Grip
Drill Resource
FT Session One: Introduction To Dry-Fire Drills
FT Session One: Extend Prep & Press Drill
Bonus #1: Introduction To Competitive Shooting Series ($67 Value)
Bonus #2: New Shooter Basic Handgun Video Series ($37 Value)
Bonus #3: Stage Breakdown Video Series ($27 Value)

Bonus #4: Competition Shooting Technique Primer ($27 Value)
This PDF covers the 21 Competition Handgun Techniques every shooter needs to master to win more matches including:
     - The Firing Cycle
     - Trigger Management
     - Grip Management / Recoil Control
     - Reloading Skills including Saved Magazine Loads, Tactical Reload, Unsaved Magazine Loads and Emergency Reloads
     - Shooting On The Move
     - Pivoting And Stepping
     - Target Index Points
     - Principles of All Activator Type Targets like Swingers, Sliders, Bobbers, Clam Shells and Drop-Turners
Introduction To Competitive Shooting
USPSA Mastery Training Program
Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program
Stage Breakdown Slo-Mo Video Sessions
Mindset - Skillset - Strategy Series
Handgun Low Light
     • [SPECIAL OFFER] Buy This Course For $10 (Normally $47)
Defensive Rifle
     • [SPECIAL OFFER] Claim This Course For Only $27 (Normally $67)
Warrior One - Firearms
Warrior One - Fitness
Vehicle Defense Tactics Video Series
Competition Training For Personal Defense
ZOOM Video Interactive Group Coaching Calls
     • Exclusively Available To American Warrior Society & American Competitive Shooter Society Members
Facebook Live Stream Replays
     • Exclusively Available To American Warrior Society & American Competitive Shooter Society Members
Live Fire Drill: 
Stationary Transition To Handgun
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